AMADE operates through a network of 12 local organizations in Europe, Asia, South-America and Africa. These national branches are independent but linked by signed agreements to the main body.

The AMADE network

AMADE national affiliates

Belgium, Burundi, Chad, Chile, Cyprus, Congo,
Guinea, Italy, Lithuania, Monaco, Netherlands, Niger

Online resources

Find more useful informations about our affiliates' programs and events on the following websites:

AMADE Belgium
AMADE Burundi
AMADE Monaco
AMADE Nederland

The Protocol of Agreement

Through the signature of Protocols of Agreement, the national affiliates of AMADE and the umbrella organization have decided to enter into a partnership aimed at joining efforts to instigate, implement or support humanitarian aid programmes within the general policy of AMADE, in accordance with the core values and objectives set up by the organization, with the respective contribution of each organization being determined by mutual agreement.

All national affiliates retain the freedom to implement any programme of their choice, on their own or in association with another organization or network of organizations.

In seeking partnerships at local level, it is AMADE's policy to give priority to experimental and innovative projects operated by well-entrenched organizations, particularly with a view to providing the necessary financial support to allow beneficiaries to pursue home-grown initiatives.

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