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01/10/2013 - AMADE Mondiale recently mobilized a 75 000 Euros emergency help intended to protect children sheltered in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp.

The Syrian conflict entered its third year, causing more than 110 000 victims to date. According to UNHCR and UNICEF, some 7 000 children have been killed during the conflict. The number of children forced from their homeland has recently exceeded one million – half of all Syrian refugees. Around 80 % of them are under the age of 11.

More than 520 000 refugees have been registered in Jordan. They are 120 000 in Zaatari camp, living in severe conditions in the middle of Jordanian desert. Amongst them, more than 1 000 children have traveled from Syria all by themselves, unaccompanied, with no relatives to watch over them.

Despite all the efforts, refugee children remain under many threats: psychological distress, trauma, lack of access to education, violence… They are also exposed to forced labor and sexual exploitation, e.g. little girls forced to get married. Young boys are sometimesAMADE Mondiale made the choice to get involved to support the activities initiated and coordinated locally by UNHCR and UNICEF, with a specific attention to the situation of vulnerable children, unaccompanied or separated from their family.

This financial help will first support psychological, health access and scholarship activities – considering that it is through education that these children will have a chance to rebuild their lives and find hope for a better future.

UNHCR contributes to the children’s education by forming teachers and increasing the capacity of local structures. Three new schools have been created inside Zaatari camp as well as some thirty playgrounds. Over 36 000 school-aged children, 10 000 have already reintegrated a regular scholarship.

AMADE Mondiale’s support will also be used to promote plea and awareness actions in order to prevent forced marriages and enrollment by armed groups.

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