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04/06/2014 - On the occasion of His official visit to The Netherlands, H.S.H. Prince Albert II salutes the creation of a local affiliate of AMADE Mondiale. AMADE Mondiale strengthens its network in Europe through the creation of AMADE Nederland, a Dutch-law foundation.

The action of AMADE to support worldwide children develops through a network of local affiliates and specific partnerships selected for their expertise in the three AMADE's areas of intervention, being the protection of the most vulnerable children against violence, exploitation and abuse, access to education and access to healthcare.

AMADE's network is present on the African continent (Burundi and Democratic Republic of the Congo), in Asia (Cambodia and the Philippines) and South America (Chile).

The opening of this affiliate in The Netherlands strengthens the presence of AMADE in Europe, together with AMADE Italy, AMADE Belgium, AMADE Germany and AMADE Lithuania.

The purpose of AMADE Nederland is to implement the strategy of intervention of AMADE Mondiale. Its mission will be to:
  • Identify and develop local child-support projects;
  • Raise financial resources for AMADE's international projects;
  • Support plea campaigns.
During His official visit to The Netherlands on June 3, 2014, H.S.H. Prince Albert II took the opportunity to meet the members of the Board of this new affiliate.

Mr. Pieter BOGAARDT, Vice-President of AMADE Nederland, member of the Board and the Executive Committee of AMADE Mondiale, introduced to the Sovereign Prince:
  • Mr. Aldo VERBRUGGEN, President;
  • Mrs. Suzanne BECK, Secretary General and Treasurer;
  • Mrs. Maucca KARKI-CEDEBERG, member of the Board;
  • Mrs. Valérie MEIJER-ALBADA JELGERMA, member of the Board;
  • Mr. Alfred VAN BUNGE, Counsellor.
Prince Albert II, Honorary President of AMADE Mondiale, presented his warmest thanks to these Dutch personalities who decided to get involved with AMADE.

AMADE Nederland plans to celebrate its creation through a Gala dinner scheduled for this Autumn in Amsterdam..

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